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Fall Sports Recap

As the leaves change color and the temperature drops, the commencement of fall sports is under way.  The regular fall sport season is currently wrapping up, and the start of sectionals has begun. Many of our teams have had a very successful regular season and are continuing to do so in playoffs. Boys soccer was ranked as the No. 9 seed and versed the No. 8 seed, Croton Harmon at Spencer Field at 3 pm on Oct ...

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A Chat with Irvington’s Favorite Doctor

One of the most interesting students in the IHS community may have fallen under your radar. If you have heard his name (or more likely his alias) then you probably are left with a lot of questions and not enough answers. I am writing this article to get those answers and delve into the personality of one of Irvington’s most enigmatic figures: Christian (last name), better known as Dr.KingBird. Christian’s p ...

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Sports and Phys. Ed.: Unrequited Love

[caption id="attachment_6130" align="alignleft" width="112"] Aidan Denahy, (photographed by A. Abramowitz)[/caption] OPINION Should varsity and junior varsity athletes be allowed to opt out of physical education classes? I’m not the first person to pose that question -- nor will I be the last -- yet for some frustrating reason it never seems to be legitimately addressed by our school board. Here’s my backgr ...

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Creating Space for Students

With the tightening of restrictions on food and conversation in the library, students are searching for a space to congregate during their free periods that isn’t as noisy and crowded as the cafeteria. “A lot of students need to get work done during their free periods and want to have a snack while working. High school students are responsible enough to not make a mess,” said Miranda Farman. Many students p ...

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Houseparty: Are you going?

[gallery ids="6114,6126,6123,6122,6121,6124"] By Antonia Abramowitz Houseparty, the hottest new social networking app, has taken Irvington High School by storm. The group video chatting app created by the company Life on Air allows up to eight people to join a single “room” at one time. Faces of IHS students displayed in miniature boxes  line up throughout the day and into the night, chattering and mingling ...

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