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Op-ed: Not Our Problem

An award winning op-ed in IMS's "Editorial Project" By Sahana Madabhushi Imagine returning home from a long day of work: Your car pulls into your driveway and it dawns on you that your house is gone. The house you worked so hard to buy is replaced with lush trees and a dense forest abundant with animals that now call your home theirs. You are forced to relocate, but everywhere you go, there are just forests ...

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Op-ed: Would you rather die today or in eight years?

 An award winning op-ed in IMS's "Editorial Project" By Anika Manchanda Did you know that spending just one day in Delhi, India, shortens your lifespan by two hours? Think about taking a two week vacation there. That’s over a day of your life, gone. Now imagine living there. Spending your whole life trapped in the heavy smog that envelops Delhi 24/7. Delhi’s inhabitants lose up to 8.3 years of their life ju ...

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