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“Fake News” and the Irvington Crest

Editor's Column Recently the school’s spirit was set ablaze by some inflammatory “fake news” - that is, the new Irvington “crest”. A simple web redesign blew up into a town-wide controversy and showed us just how susceptible we all are to outrage even when facts are absent. It all started a month ago when it was revealed that Irvington was considering an aesthetic change for the school district. The new Irv ...

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Is Makeup a Plague on Society?

EDITOR'S COLUMN Is make up a plague on modern society? Do girls (or boys or other) still wear makeup in school? The answers to those questions: probably. As a man, I have never really worn make-up, except on some especially wild nights. So why do I give a damn about who wears make up and who doesn’t? I’m not entirely sure; it just kind of irks me. There’s an abundance of reasons to paint your face with chem ...

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