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Artist Spotlight: Julia Herceg

The illustration is drawn with Copic markers and catches the eye at first glance. The hot pink background paired with the brutishly beautiful girl makes one stop and wonder. The woman is holding a mascara wand in one hand near her eye, her right eye popped out of the socket, hanging by the lateral rectus muscle. The girl’s eyes have dark circles around them and in parts of her face she is yellowish and appe ...

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Clowning Around: IT returns to the theaters

MOVIE REVIEW: Grade: B  The storyline was very good, as it included the usual ups and downs of a classic horror film, paired with frequent pop-up scares. The group of protagonist kids in the “Losers Club” attempt to to defeat the scary Pennywise the clown in a battle to potentially save the younger brother of one member of their club. While this film was not scary overall, it had its moments. Director Andy ...

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‘The Last Stand’ for Sabaton

Sabaton’s The Last Stand is a great album in my opinion. Swedish power metal band Sabaton not only makes songs about a great battle, they sing the songs like a battle or war cry.  The Last Stand has many songs about different battles from different time periods.   The song "Sparta" is about the Battle of Thermopylae which was part of the Greco-Persian Wars. "Last Dying Breath" is about a Serbian, Dragutin G ...

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The Life of Kanye

By Okna Freeman On November 21st, Kanye West was hospitalized at the Los Angeles’s Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. West was at his personal trainer’s house just before getting admitted to the hospital and was reported as having a mental breakdown. West was also suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation, which led to the cancellation of the rest of his Saint Pablo tour. West is going through a stres ...

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Rogue One is a blast!

MOVIE REVIEW Rogue One: A Star Wars story is a standalone Star Wars film that takes place between Star Wars episode three and four.   The movie plot is primarily about the rebels getting the Death Star plans and the reason for the weakness in the thermal exhaust port.   Rogue One is a fantastic Star Wars movie that shows how the rebel alliance obtained the plans to the Death Star.   The storyline and the ac ...

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Houseparty: Are you going?

[gallery ids="6114,6126,6123,6122,6121,6124"] By Antonia Abramowitz Houseparty, the hottest new social networking app, has taken Irvington High School by storm. The group video chatting app created by the company Life on Air allows up to eight people to join a single “room” at one time. Faces of IHS students displayed in miniature boxes  line up throughout the day and into the night, chattering and mingling ...

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Book Review: An inspiring Pact

by Steven Batchie-Portnoy For English class, I was assigned to read a nonfiction book entitled The Pact by Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt. By looking at the cover of the book and reading the reviews of it (including one by Bill Cosby), I already knew I was going to enjoy it.  The tagline of the book, “Three young men make a promise and fulfill a dream,” hooked me in as well. I can say I’m ve ...

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