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This is Not a Tide Commercial

When does a joke go to far? When it involves eating laundry detergent. In 2015, The Onion published a satirical article from the perspective of the toddler expressing a desire to eat “those delicious looking” multicolored detergent pods. This was the likely genesis of a meme that suggested the candy-colored Tide pods were food. Now, millenials all over the country and posting videos of them biting into the ...

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Artist Spotlight: Julia Herceg

The illustration is drawn with Copic markers and catches the eye at first glance. The hot pink background paired with the brutishly beautiful girl makes one stop and wonder. The woman is holding a mascara wand in one hand near her eye, her right eye popped out of the socket, hanging by the lateral rectus muscle. The girl’s eyes have dark circles around them and in parts of her face she is yellowish and appe ...

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Irvington Pride Hits a New High

Irvington pride was in full display this October, as the Bulldogs celebrated homecoming. This year’s festivities were supported by the new school spirit club,  the Student Section club, Member of the club Jared Kurland said the club was started to reinvigorate the school spirit at Irvington and feels that since the club was founded, school spirit has skyrocketed. “I really want to improve and  bring back sc ...

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Facebook Group Offers Local Color

All of Irvington High School is buzzing with the daily gossip and news on our small humble town coming from the 10533 Facebook group. With a whooping 2,440 members, some former and current Irvington students, this closed group is the talk of the town currently. Melissa Brown, a resident in Irvington and the Facebook administrator for the 10533 Facebook group, started the group in 2014 as a way to connect Ir ...

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