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‘The Last Stand’ for Sabaton

Sabaton’s The Last Stand is a great album in my opinion. Swedish power metal band Sabaton not only makes songs about a great battle, they sing the songs like a battle or war cry.  The Last Stand has many songs about different battles from different time periods.   The song "Sparta" is about the Battle of Thermopylae which was part of the Greco-Persian Wars. "Last Dying Breath" is about a Serbian, Dragutin G ...

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Rogue One is a blast!

MOVIE REVIEW Rogue One: A Star Wars story is a standalone Star Wars film that takes place between Star Wars episode three and four.   The movie plot is primarily about the rebels getting the Death Star plans and the reason for the weakness in the thermal exhaust port.   Rogue One is a fantastic Star Wars movie that shows how the rebel alliance obtained the plans to the Death Star.   The storyline and the ac ...

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