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Tour of Hong Kong (Red Subway Line)

I recently went to Hong Kong over winter break. This is a tiny tour of one subway line out of the various lines in Hong Kong that people can visit. The red subway line contains one of the most famous tourist attractions. Choose your station and follow the directions depending on where you want to visit: From the airport … Take the red subway line (Tseun Wan Line) Mongkok… go to Line 1 Major shopping area, s ...

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Seniors Zero in on Post-HS Plans

As the last four years of high school come to an end, more and more of the seniors are finding out what colleges they have been accepted to. Here are some of the graduating seniors final choices in colleges: Stephanie Ades- Wesleyan Natalie Aronson- Lehigh Dorian Barber- Duke Sofia Bazdekis- NYU Maxine Bell- Tufts Jillian Conley- Skidmore Leia Correa- Syracuse Cleo Davidowitz- Middlebury Emma DeRose- Duke R ...

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Controversial pick DeVos named Sec. of Ed

Betsy DeVos, a wealthy Republican donor with almost no experience in public education, was recently confirmed as the 11th nation’s Secretary of Education, but only with the help of a historic tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence. Despite the Democrats’ staunch opposition to DeVos, her vote was capped by a 51-to-50 vote. Short from getting a third Republican defection, this has allowed Mrs. DeVos ...

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Stopping early exits from IHS concerts

OPINION What happens when you get on the stage, and you see three quarters of the seats free and wide open? Because as soon as we get up on the stage, three quarters of the people have left, leaving an open hole where the sound can reach but the people can't. For us, the high school orchestra, it was very saddening to see that only our parents and a few other people had stayed to watch and listen to us for ...

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Ice to Meet You: Syncing Towards Gold

Erika Sipos, sophomore, and Emily Kuo, junior, both skate nationally as part of a synchronized skating team. Sipos is on the Skyliners Intermediate Synchronized Skating Team and Kuo is on Lexettes (Hayden Synchronized Skating Team). A synchro season is usually from the end of August to the end of February; this is when all the large competitions occur. Then, from March till the next season, usually August, ...

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A Passage from India: IHS Students Adjust to USA

Anjali Bhagavatula, a junior, and Kirsha Selvakumar, a freshman, recently came to the United States from India. Bhagavatula, who used to live in California before coming here, and Selvakumar, who used to live in Illinois as a young child, have some experience of the American culture and style of education, but they are still learning and adapting to new things everyday. Bhagavatula and Selvakumar expressed ...

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A Day in the Life of an Irvington Swimmer

She wakes up to the screeching of several alarms going off continuously, grappling with her conscience so early in the morning. It is five o’clock in the morning, and she needs to get to swim practice by 5:50. She arrives at the practice pool in Marymount College (EF). As she walks into the locker room, she sees all her teammates with half-closed eyes, languidly lying on the floor. Lydia Pak, a senior who h ...

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