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iPic Theater Debuts

From the decorative furnishing and clattering of silverware, a movie theater is the last place where you’d guess yourself to be. However, the newly opened iPic Theater in Dobbs Ferry located in Chauncey Square offers much more than the typical movie experience.

Upon entering, you are immediately greeted by a hotel-esque lobby with a front desk and receptionist. Unlike most theaters, at iPic you are required to purchase and reserve seats online beforehand and arrive 30 minutes prior to the showing. Though be aware, prices vary drastically between weekdays and weekends.

Once checked in, you are taken by an attendant and escorted into the showroom. Each viewing room offers three different types of seating: Premium, Premium Lounge(for two), or Premium Plus. Premium seating consists of luxurious leather chairs while Premium Plus include pod-like recliner leather seating. However, the greatest difference between the two are inseat services. Those who purchase Premium Plus receive VIP tickets which in turn enables them to extensive dining options such as buttermilk fried chicken or truffle salted french fries during the film—as well as unlimited free popcorn.

Maddy Gallagher, Senior, who recently viewed The Greatest Showman the past week at iPic couldn’t be more pleased with her experience. “The seats are totally worth the money! They are so nice and the popcorn is unlimited. Although the service is slow and meals are expensive, the atmosphere is amazing. You are completely comfortable watching a movie!”.

Junior Sophie Laesenna also shares her thoughts: “I think it’s a really cool idea and makes seeing a movie in theaters more appealing than it normally would be”.

However, with luxury experiences come an expensive cost.

Senior Matthew Lazarus weighs in on this compromise.

“The theater is very cool and I love the pod seats, but I suggest getting food beforehand because the food is super overpriced”

The movies options themselves are far from special, but will guaranteed to have the latest upcoming movies for viewing.

Among other amenities offered at iPic are lounging areas, bar, and a fairly nice restaurant as well. Of course, if you don’t find the glamorous options worth the price, you could always save money at a typical theater like Greenburgh. But if you are open to try a new movie experience, you have to visit iPic.  

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