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Battle of the Sandwiches!

Irvington, as most know has, many competing delis and restaurants which all similar food.

One day, the Irvington Paw Print Team wanted to settle an argument about which Irvigton deli served the best sandwiches.

We decided to order the same sandwich from the Irvington delis Geordanes, La Familia, Tony’s Pizzeria, and the Ardsley Deli: Battaglia Bros.

The sandwich we decided to test has many different names. La Familia Deli calls it the “Irvington Special”, Tony’s Pizzeria calls it the “Mike’s Special”, and Battaglia Bros calls it the “Cerrito”.

All of these sandwiches are made of the same basic components. They all have chicken cutlets, mozzarella cheese, barbeque sauce, and bacon.

To accurately compare the four sandwiches we created four different categories to judge them on. The four categories we decided on were taste, appearance, cost, and overall success of the sandwich.

The cost of the sandwiches were $9.13 for the sandwich for Geordanes, $10.74 for the sandwich from Battaglia Bros including a bag of chips, $9.13 for the sandwich from La Familia, $8.00 for the one from Tony’s.

For this first category Tony’s beat the others being the cheapest of the four and Battaglia Bros was the worst being the most expensive.

The next category which we judged before actually eating the sandwiches was appearance.

For this we decided the best looking sandwiches were from Battaglia Bros and Tony’s. While the least appealing sandwich came from Geordanes. (these rankings are justified by the picture included)

Finally, the part you’ve been waiting for: How did the Sandwiches actually taste?

For this we each ate a quarter of each sandwich and then compared and judged them.

We decided the best tasting sandwiches were from Tony’s and La Familia. After lots of consideration we were able to make our final decision of the best sandwich out of the four.

The sandwich which we decided was the best out of the four was from La Familia. This may surprise many because lots of people consistently order from Geordanes thinking it is the best option when really it didn’t do that well in our review.

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