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Clowning Around: IT returns to the theaters


Grade: B 

The storyline was very good, as it included the usual ups and downs of a classic horror film, paired with frequent pop-up scares. The group of protagonist kids in the “Losers Club” attempt to to defeat the scary Pennywise the clown in a battle to potentially save the younger brother of one member of their club.

While this film was not scary overall, it had its moments. Director Andy Muschietti’s entertaining film kept viewers on the edge of their seats for the majority of the movie, anticipating when we would see the clown next. Through this revived film, he shows that regardless of changes, a good final product can be produced.

Senior Jacob Egloff said “IT was a great movie. The movie had a lot of tense moments which me and my friends really enjoyed watching.”

Freshman Brett Clinton also saw the movie. “The movie was not all too scary for me. I enjoyed the jump scares, but they were pretty predictable for me personally.”

Although the movie was based on King’s novel, there were several differences from the novel and the book. The book takes place in the late 50s, and the movie was set in the late 80s. The book also contains a variety of monsters such as Frankenstein’s monster, a werewolf, mummy, and gill-man which were not in the movie.

If you watch horror movies a lot, you should probably go see the film, and I recommend to people who do not tend to watch horror movies also due to the lack of “scariness” in the movie.

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