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Google Classroom replaces Edline

Formerly, teachers and students used website Edline as an online classroom: posting assignments, PowerPoints, and test dates. This year, however, it has all changed as teachers switch to Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is a online blogging tool that allows teachers to post assignments, notes, and remind students of upcoming exams. This eco-friendly option removes the need for paper, connects to Google Drive, and also includes a great commenting system.

 With this change comes many benefits — smartphone alerts on assignments, submitting Google Docs directly, and seamless message blasts just to name a few.  

Teachers are also finding this newfound change beneficial.  

“Google classroom is better than Edline.” said Ms. Grant, AP English teacher.

Many students are also finding this to be beneficial.  When asked about the new online edition, senior Jacob Brooks commented, “Google Classroom is a modern example of the superpower that is Google. It helps me remember assignments and I commend the school for the new development.”

Freshmen Liam Pakole said “I like Google Classroom more [than Edline].  It is more effective.”

Although most students like the new technological approach, it does have its setbacks.  For instance, Google Classroom is only affiliated with a student’s given school email address.  This causes many students to constantly change back and forth on personal devices.

Google Classroom can also be a struggle for students to keep track of assignments.  Rather than using a planner and writing down work and test dates in class, teachers often will tell students to “check google classroom” for homework.  The removal of writing down assignments often leads to missing work.

As for disadvantages, Google Classroom’s feed does not actively update itself. If a class discussion were to occur on the website, students would be forced to constantly update their page to read new comments and posts from other peers.

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