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Op-ed: Ignore It, and It May Just Cost You Your Life

An award winning op-ed in IMS's "Editorial Project" By Nicholas Papapanou Air pollution. The way we harm the atmosphere around us. The way we affect the air we breathe. Some people try to limit how much of it they produce, while others don’t give any thought to their contribution to the issue. Why are the latter making a terrible mistake? Here’s the answer. Exposure to polluted air causes 6.5 million deaths ...

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Op-ed: Not Our Problem

An award winning op-ed in IMS's "Editorial Project" By Sahana Madabhushi Imagine returning home from a long day of work: Your car pulls into your driveway and it dawns on you that your house is gone. The house you worked so hard to buy is replaced with lush trees and a dense forest abundant with animals that now call your home theirs. You are forced to relocate, but everywhere you go, there are just forests ...

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Op-ed: Would you rather die today or in eight years?

 An award winning op-ed in IMS's "Editorial Project" By Anika Manchanda Did you know that spending just one day in Delhi, India, shortens your lifespan by two hours? Think about taking a two week vacation there. That’s over a day of your life, gone. Now imagine living there. Spending your whole life trapped in the heavy smog that envelops Delhi 24/7. Delhi’s inhabitants lose up to 8.3 years of their life ju ...

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