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‘The Last Stand’ for Sabaton

Sabaton_-_Wacken_Open_Air_2015-3470Sabaton’s The Last Stand is a great album in my opinion. Swedish power metal band Sabaton not only makes songs about a great battle, they sing the songs like a battle or war cry.  The Last Stand has many songs about different battles from different time periods.  

The song “Sparta” is about the Battle of Thermopylae which was part of the Greco-Persian Wars. “Last Dying Breath” is about a Serbian, Dragutin Gavrilović.  “Blood of Bannockburn” which is about The Battle of Bannockburn, which was part of the first war of Scottish independance.  “The Lost Battalion” is about a US battalion that was isolated by German forces.  

“Rorke’s Drift” is about the Battle of Rorke’s Drift, which was part of the Part of the Anglo-Zulu War.  “The Last Stand” is about the Stand of the Swiss Guard during the sacking of Rome.  “Hill 3234” is about  a defensive battle that was part of the Soviet-Afghan War.  “Shiroyama” is about the Battle of Shiroyama which was part of the Satsuma Rebellion.  “Winged Hussars” is about the Polish cavalry and the Battle of Vienna.  “The Last Battle” is about the Battle for Castle Itter during the final days of World War II where the Germans and the US work together to stop the SS from killing French prisoners.

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