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Is Irvington Boring?

boringAlthough many people love Irvington, New York as their home, others think differently about this small rivertown. According to a recent article in The Patch, Irvington is the “third most boring town in New York.”

Many students from Irvington seem to somewhat agree. A survey for Irvington High School students on the question, “Do you think Irvington is a boring town?” Forty-two students said “yes” and 18 students said “no.”

Some students criticized Irvington for its size and activities.

“Nothing to do in this town. It is too small,” said sophomore Jonas Davidowitz.

“I feel sometimes I am at home with nothing to do and nowhere to go,” said junior Tate Brandon.

“Irvington is such a boring town, it shouldn’t even be a town,” said junior Lily Johnson.

Aside from the negative point of views of students, some students love Irvington and express why.

“We live in such an amazing place that is so close to New York City that we should never have a bored weekend in our lives,” said junior Danny Abarca.

“At least we don’t live in Dobbs,” said sophomore Camille Copp and junior Brianna Havraniak agreed.

“I think Irvington is the best!” said William Iaconetti.

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