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A Tradition (Almost) In Jeopardy

Screenshot 2017-04-20 at 12.11.34 PMIrvington High School, since established in 1965, has sported green and white alongside the determined-face of the Bulldog. An  uproar of concern about this legacy being in jeopardy has caused a reaction that has led to community involvement and local discussions.

The District is designing a new, improved website that includes a new logo that will be used on the website, letterhead and other official documents .

On February 28th, designers Drew Coburn and Chuck Routhier pitched the design to the Board of Education along with mock photos of athletic uniforms, t-shirts, and tote bags sporting this new design. These ideas, though, were simply part of Coburn’s and Routhiers presentation, not actually to be used on apparel.

The design was created for use on the new website, which will be rolling out before the start of the next school year, and as a letterhead on official documents.

The goal of its creation is to represent the student body to outsiders, such as perspective colleges, in a way that is professional and sophisticated.

The coat of arms design, however, does not pose a threat to the bulldog. It is not a replacement to our mascot, nor is it going to be put in place of it on equipment or apparel, according to school administers.

But some students take issue with the design and believe it does not embody our school community or represent who we are.  

Cameron Soravilla, junior, says “The proposed logo does not represent our heritage, which is an important part of the Irvington community. We are a historic town with very strong roots that deserve to be recognized.” Soravilla and fellow junior, Cristian Ishoo, met with the Board of Education on Tuesday, April 18th to express their concerns.

Matt  Egan, Senior Director, Strategy and head of the global technology practice at Siegel+Gale, a strategic global brand consultancy based in New York, said “It’s interesting to see a school district approach “branding” in this way. History has shown that symbols can be powerful…creating visual shorthand for a larger idea, in this case the idea of an academic community that sits at the heart of many students lives.”     

But students concerned that a brand change will eventually lead to a change in the mascot and the athletic symbol the school has featured for decades can rest easy, according to administrators.

“We’re the bulldogs, and we’re not changing that,” said superintendent of schools Kristopher Harrison.                                                    


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