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Is Makeup a Plague on Society?

EDITOR'S COLUMN Is make up a plague on modern society? Do girls (or boys or other) still wear makeup in school? The answers to those questions: probably. As a man, I have never really worn make-up, except on some especially wild nights. So why do I give a damn about who wears make up and who doesn’t? I’m not entirely sure; it just kind of irks me. There’s an abundance of reasons to paint your face with chem ...

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Is Irvington Boring?

Although many people love Irvington, New York as their home, others think differently about this small rivertown. According to a recent article in The Patch, Irvington is the "third most boring town in New York." Many students from Irvington seem to somewhat agree. A survey for Irvington High School students on the question, “Do you think Irvington is a boring town?” Forty-two students said "yes" and 18 stu ...

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‘The Last Stand’ for Sabaton

Sabaton’s The Last Stand is a great album in my opinion. Swedish power metal band Sabaton not only makes songs about a great battle, they sing the songs like a battle or war cry.  The Last Stand has many songs about different battles from different time periods.   The song "Sparta" is about the Battle of Thermopylae which was part of the Greco-Persian Wars. "Last Dying Breath" is about a Serbian, Dragutin G ...

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