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Snapchat for a Yearbook

The yearbook staff is using the popular app Snapchat to get the word out about this year’s yearbook. They have launched their Snapchat throughout the school for students. From the numerous hallway posts, students have added the snapcode of yearbook’s account to connect with them.

Nicole Sklitsis, senior staff member, says “We created it because we took a poll and Snapchat was the most popular app at IHS. We wanted to get the in and figured it was a good way to get information out to our students since so many people use the app. We will also be putting our snapcode in the yearbook.”

This beneficial app informs and reminds students to get yearbooks before they sell out.

Cameron Sorvilla, junior staff member, says “We created the account as a way to advertise for yearbooks and increase our sales. The Snapchat reminds people to buy a book and allows students to interact with the year book staff which has caused more people to purchase the yearbook.”

This creative way of connecting with the students has inspired people and is useful to get the word out about yearbooks.

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