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Cycling for your soul

Many Irvington students are embracing SoulCycle’s mantra “Find Your Soul” by attending the popular cycling classes at locations in Scarsdale, Rye Brook and Bronxville.

SoulCycle was founded in 2006 and has become a trendy place to exercise ever since. This company is based on motivation and pushing yourself to the limit. These vigorous 45-minute classes transform the rider to become happier and healthier.

SoulCycle doesn’t just change bodies, it changes lives. With inspirational instructors, candlelight, epic spaces, and rocking music, riders can let loose, clear their heads and empower themselves with strength that lasts beyond the studio walls,” according to the SoulCycle website.

Students who have attended classes say they are intense. The instructors create an upbeat environment and motivates the riders. Although people think SoulCycle is expensive, it’s worthwhile and a fun experience.

Katie McMahon, senior, says, “My sister was actually the one who dragged me to my first SoulCycle class this summer, and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. It’s an intense full body workout so it definitely has improved physical strength but it’s also helped me improve my mental strength. It’s all about positivity and being the best version of yourself. The SoulCycle community is all about being positive and welcoming, which makes it so amazing to keep going back. I would definitely recommend to a friend; it’s the highlight of my day!”

SoulCycle classes are run by various instructors and are designed to work out all muscles by using weights and increasing bike resistance. While working out, riders can wear different styles of SoulCycle merchandise. SoulCycle carries clothing from Lululemon to Nike. This merchandise is fashionable and trendy to all riders and creates the ultimate look to exercise in style.

Amanda Zeldes, junior, says, “Being a part of the SoulCycle community for over two years now, I can vouch that SoulCycle is worth the money. Although many people feel that SoulCycle is too expensive for what it is, but I can say that from my experience all the money is worth it. Not only do these 45-minute classes give me an extremely intense and an effective workout, but it has also made me into a better person mentally, feeling better about myself and my body and it also makes me more motivated to workout. This is a great method of any high school student who needs to clear their mind from stress and is a fun workout experience.”

This popular company has impacted many Irvington students to becoming fit and discover their “soul.”

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