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Rogue One is a blast!


Rogue One: A Star Wars story is a standalone Star Wars film that takes place between Star Wars episode three and four.  

The movie plot is primarily about the rebels getting the Death Star plans and the reason for the weakness in the thermal exhaust port.  

Rogue One is a fantastic Star Wars movie that shows how the rebel alliance obtained the plans to the Death Star.  

The storyline and the action were top notch, especially the destructive power of the Death Star’s superlaser.  The movie had many Star Wars easter eggs and references from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars episode 3, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars episode 4. Two Star Wars characters, played by actors who passed away, were brought back with CGI technology.  

Spoiler Warning: Darth Vader shows up! 

In my opinion, Rogue One A Star Wars Story is a solid 9/10.

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