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Weiss bowls over competition

As winter starts, the bowling season has commenced. Robin Weiss, senior, has bowled since she was six years old and currently is bowling for the Irvington High School bowling team and an outside team.

Weiss participates on Saturday morning leagues at Homefield Bowl in Yonkers New York. She plays with kids of all ages but mostly are in high school.

Weiss’ brother influenced her to start bowling at a very young age. He was a bowler as well and has been her inspiration ever since. “He was my inspiration to try new things and to become involved in a community.” said Weiss.

“I like bowling because it separates me from the rest of the school. I like that I can be strategical and plan out how I want to make my shot, so much goes into one roll.” Weiss says.

Weiss has competed in many tournaments throughout her bowling career. In fourth grade, she competed in a tournament where she won a 500 dollar scholarship. In addition, when she was in ninth grade she received a 1,000 dollar scholarship. These monumental moments have established her strength and improvements over the years.

Weiss has attended sectionals for all three years for her in-school team. She has places around the 30-40’s range when competing in sectionals, which is fairly in the middle. She hopes to go back to sectionals and finish what she started in her last year of high school.

“I’m very excited for this season, I know it will be my best one yet because it’s my senior year. My personal goal is to make it a fourth year to sectionals, and I’m hoping for the team to be consistent and to do well.”

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