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IHS Goes Smoothie

New Year, New You” — an iconic phrase that is universally known as a maxim for New Year resolutions. As the new year begins, IHS has taken part in this phenomena by updating their cafeteria with the new fruit smoothies. Smoothies are a fun way for students to enjoy a tasty snack while getting all the nutrients necessary for  growing adolescents.

Students during their lunch or free period have access to the smoothie stand in the cafeteria, located by the salad bar, where they are able to purchase a smoothie in a convenient location where other amenities are accessible. At the smoothie bar, students have the choice of “daily specials” that usually include strawberry-banana and strawberry-blueberry. The smoothies are sold at $2.50 in 8 oz. cups.

What do the students think about the new menu item?

Junior Antonia Abramowitz said, “They are extremely small, but not too bad. Overall 7/10.”

The smoothies seem especially popular among underclassmen and middle schoolers.

Junior Olivia Valdes, states, “It’s good for the freshman and sophomores who are not allowed off campus as the juniors and seniors can to Smoothie King or wherever. This is a good alternative for them.”

The addition of fruit smoothies to our cafeteria menu has been a healthy and beneficial option for much of the student body and has been well received.

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