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There’s an App for that: Tony’s Pizza

As many students already know, Tony’s Pizzeria is a very popular spot to eat and order from. Recently Tony created a new application to help ordering and delivering easier for everyone to order, especially students.

Tony gets a lot of business from students in several lunch periods throughout the day.

“I eat chicken mac for days,” said sophomore Anthony Bonavita.

“I feel like I have a special relationship with Tony and Jose. Their food is great,” said sophomore Sidney Thybulle.

Recently, Tony has been late to some of his deliveries at the school causing some students to not want to wait for him.

“There have been times Tony has been very late to deliver food which causes me to miss parts of class. Now that he comes late I do not order food anymore,” said sophomore Matthew Melnychuk.

With some feedback from students, Tony decided to create an application for ordering. This app is called Tony’s Pizzeria Ordering. Tony along with students believe this app will help help deliveries be a smoother and easier process.

“Tony’s new application is revolutionary and it will bring him more business,” said sophomore Eric Parke.

“I made the new app to make it easier for the kids. I’ve been delivering to the school for a year and a half. It’s the best service we can do. Try the chicken mac pizza or the mozzarella squares. The food is always going to be good,” said Tony.

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