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Halloween Take Over By Seniors

As Halloween came and went, the senior class was excited to help out at the Dows Lane Halloween Carnival. This tradition allows seniors to dress up in costumes and create fun activities for the kids at Dows Lane.

This tradition only allowing seniors to wear costumes to school is a source of controversy with the freshman, sophomores and the juniors who are not allowed to dress up.

Georgia Mountroukas, junior, said, “I think other grades or just the upperclassmen should have the privilege of dressing up for Halloween because it’s a fun day that every kid, no matter their age, looks forward to. Not dressing up for school makes it seem like a regular day and doesn’t make it feel like the day it should be.”

Principal Cohen said, “It’s been a tradition but a tradition that we should explore and consider. One of the things I realize is that students will dress up for Halloween their whole schooling until they finish middle school and they come to the high school and we only do it for the seniors.”

Some students think that this tradition should change and create more opportunities for students.

“I feel that everyone should have the right to celebrate this fun holiday as a school community and being limited to seniors is unfair,” Amanda Zeldes, junior, said.

However, Leia Correa, senior, said, “It makes it more special. It’s a senior privilege just like the senior lot. The freshman, sophomores and juniors will eventually have their turn.”

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