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You’re So Trendy

Clothing trends have always been important to students in high school. Trends grow very quickly because students tend to want to fit in with others.

In Irvington High School, many students have distinctive clothing that represents their fashion and popular brands.

img_74911High School girls are a perfect example of spreading fashion trends. The IHS Paw Print has noticed a variety of brands that girls like to buy and wear. Lululemon, Ugg and Adidas superstar sneakers have become very popular in the last year and is still to this today.

Kelli Baji, sophomore, says, “I have multiple Lululemon leggings because they are very comfortable but I buy them mostly because of the brand. I actually like Nike leggings more.”

Mary Brereton, junior, says “ I wear Adidas superstars because they are very comfortable, very trendy and hip. They are also very cute and goes with a lot of outfits.”

Girls aren’t the only ones that have fashion trends. Even though boys might not admit that they have trends, they do. Boys wear brands like Timberlands and Nike with elite socks

Cristian Ishoo, junior, says, “I do see a trend, but I kinimg_74741d of do my own thing. Whatever I’m comfortable in and feeling that day is what I wear. I don’t try to impress people unlike everyone else.”

Many students buy the same style because the items are either trendy or reliable choices to wear.

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