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Extreme Makeover for Boys Bathroom

This summer, the first floor boys bathroom in the high school was dramatically renovated with new tile floors and walls, toilets, sinks and other improvements.

“I like how there is a mirror now,” said junior John Martin, referencing the fact that the old bathroom mirrors had been damaged and removed.

“It’s hella nice,” said sophomore Liam Toolan.

Junior Jake Weintraub agreed, saying “The new bathroom is a step in the right direction for our school community.”

Some students spoke to the comfort of the new facilities. “The toilet seat has a nice contour,” said junior Jared Kurland.

But some students questioned why the boys bathroom was the only one renovated.

“It’s unfair that the boys got a new bathroom and the girls didn’t. Boys can go to the bathroom anywhere. It’s very nice. It’s a good bathroom, but they should [renovate] one for the girls, too,” said senior Rebecca Mesonjnik.

Junior Tim Meszaros wondered if it was thee best use of district money. “They shouldn’t spend all the money on one bathroom. They should spend it on the football program,” he stated. 

Principal Cohen said, “It was a cost factor. The plan was to do both bathrooms on the first floor, both the female and the male, and I think it came down to a matter of cost.” He added that the building and grounds committee identified the boys bathroom as having the greatest need for renovation.

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